BW Field

Bw Field
BW Field & Partners are agricultural, amenity and fencing contractors in Potters Bar in Hertfordshire.

BW Field & Partners
principal business of arable farming has been located at Warrengate Farm since the mid 1800's with Kitts End Farm, an additional contract farm in Barnet since 1962. In August 2009, BW Field & Partners were appointed farm contractors for Potterells Farm Partnership in Welham Green taking the farmed land from 750 acres to 1200 acres. BW Field & Partners offers a wide range of arable services both min-till and conventional plough based cultivations using well kept modern farming machinery.

BW Field & Partners
also provides additional contract services including agricultural, amenity, fencing and tree surgery as well as offering equipment, tractor driver and contract labour hire. Many of BW Field & Partners services are listed on this website but we are able to work to your requirements. BW Field & Partners offers a high level of professionalism and service and all work is carried out to a high standard.

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